Welcome to A Safe Place Child Enrichment Center

At A Safe Place Childcare, we are more than just a childcare center – we are a dedicated team of caregivers and educators committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for your child. With a deep understanding of the precious gift of parenthood, we strive to be your trusted partner in your child’s growth and development. Our mission is to foster positive learning experiences and lay a solid foundation for a successful future, from infancy to adulthood. We believe in the potential of every child and are here to support them on their unique journey. Welcome to A Safe Place Childcare, where your child’s well-being and growth are our top priorities.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide children with “A Safe Place” to grow, learn, play, and explore the world in a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program. This is to foster active learning, support the child, and provide a child-friendly environment.

Our Vision

We envision to holistically affect your child in all aspects of developmental learning as we strive to be the top choice provider of childcare services in all areas we serve.

Caring for a child has never been easy for it takes patience and dedication to endure the day and provide the needs your kids require. These are the reasons why we take part in your parenting journey – to assist, guide, and lead you in making decisions for you and your family. We are a privately owned agency founded by Kim Shaw with two offices in Raleigh and Garner, North Carolina.


Goals and Objectives

Our center prepares activities that aim to create learning opportunities for life in a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment. We provide a friendly atmosphere that supports early childhood development. Self-confidence is what we strive for every child to have. We provide role modeling techniques, lessons, and tools essential in real-life occurrence.

We believe that children are capable of making choices that will influence their outcome in life. Some of the steps they take may be too hard for them but with our help, sooner, their learning outcomes are applied because of the life skills they develop and build at an early age. We are looking forward to working together in making these first years their best years. Your participation is needed, expected, and is very much appreciated.


Much different from other places I have looked at for my child.
My child has come so far in many ways, especially with getting used to school. He surprises with new words and skills
The teachers are very in tune with supporting children emotionally!
I love how he is excited to see me at the end of the day and not crying!
I also love how many teachers seem to know kids by name, even if they are not in their class.

S Reviewer


I am proud to say that my child is a product of a safe place. She has learned so much since attending this child care facility. She is very many things like shapes, number, is her name, Spanish and other wonderful things. This is truly an amazing facility, and I would recommend any family to complete the application to enrol their child and/or children. I met the owner at the grocery store, and I absolutely feel that with her personality, which is what I decided to enrol my child in to a safe place. She has made every need and want I could ever wish for. The staff is amazing as well.

Ta'Asia Whitley


First off I want to start by saying I love A safe place, the name of the daycare literally explains the environment. My niece attends ASP childcare and she loves it, when I pick her up she alway tell me how much fun she had at school with her friends. The staff is always sweet and amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

JaNa Speller


I love their outdoor learning curriculum and their support for outdoor learning environments. The fact that I know that my daughter is learning in a natural inspired place, instead of fake structures brings me so much joy. I love her learning to love and embrace nature, and that she gets to go outside everyday. Her teachers communicate with me weekly about their activities and lesson plans. I have been able to see growth in all the areas of her development, but most importantly on her social emotional development. She has gone from crying to confidently saying “I want to go to school today” and “my school, A Safe Place”
This is a place that cares about children’s development deeply.

Ana Gallo


The owner of A Safe Place brought the first five star center to Southeast Raleigh because she was raising her own children in the area, and felt like she shouldn’t have to leave her own community to receive quality care. Over 25 years after its conception, A Safe Place has done nothing but improve upon that standard. From its natural playground to its tasting and production gardens, the center continues to break the mold. With its strong emphasis on nature, children do spend a lot of time outdoors year round, so I advise parents to dress their children appropriately for the seasons. All in all, A Safe Place is a great place for children to grow, learn, play and explore.

Tyler Winston


I could not imagine a better place for my daughter to start off her educational journey. I loved watching her grow from not wanting to leave my side to now skipping in to class. I love the focus they out on outdoor play, I think it’s great for her to experience that. My daughter loves having the garden during crop season and being able to enjoy fresh produce she “helped” grow. I also have been so impressed with the teachers she has had and their commitment to helping her learn, grow, and have fun.

Hector Gallo


I both worked at A Safe Place and had three of my children attend the school. This is a fabulous place for children. The owner/operator has a true love for her mission and the children and families she serves. The teachers are hard working and dedicated to their craft. This school is on the cutting edge of early childhood education. They participate in outdoor learning environments and various other natural learning initiatives. The most impressive thing about the school is the way they embrace the season of a child’s life. They firmly believe and understand the needs of the population they serve and ensure that all children are given the opportunity to be the best child that they can be!

Franfam 5


My granddaughter is currently enroled in the center on Clarendon Rd. She loves her teachers. They are very professionals and we have seeing an improvement on my granddaughter’s social skills since she started attending to the center. We love the center, their staff, professionalism, and the quality of services 🤩

Petra Hager


Great place for children to grow and learn. I was worried at the beginning but my daughter’s teachers are great that she transitioned quickly. At the beginning she was crying really bad at the drop offs but now she waves good bye to m with a smile and when i go to pick her she doesn’t want to leave.

Ebru Selcuk


I love this place,staff is very pleasant.a good place for a child to play and grow.I also love the outdoors, and garden area.

Christa KIMBLE


Both my children went to this center and by far the staff was amazing. Highly recommended!!

Kimberly Ebron


My son has been attending this childcare for two years now and he was previously at a Christian academy before. I love the from farm to table program. They even have a garden at the facility that the children and staff both attend to

Samantha Massenburg